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Our vision is to grow thought-leaders who create a conscious, healthy, and prosperous world.

Our mission is to be the premier resource for thought-leaders through teaching and embodying the principles of creating positive change.

Our passionate goal is to have transformational principles touch the lives of 1.2 billion people by 2020 through developing 1,200 thought-leaders who each reach 1 million people.

We get asked why we chose 1.2 billion in the year 2020 as our goal. The answer is simple math. The dissemination of information theory tells us when the innovators (the first 2.5% of any population) and the early adopters (the next 12.5% of any population) have adopted a new way of thinking, it inevitably becomes the new way of thinking for that population. We’re taking this theory global.

We believe that the fundamental shift that will be the key turning point for this period in history is that humanity is waking up to the transformational idea that we can control our own destiny and our experience of what life is on this planet by learning to control our own thoughts. This transformational thinking has been proven to be the fundamental building block of all success.

1.2 billion represents the global tipping point for the year 2020 to create a conscious, healthy, and prosperous world.

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