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Teresa de Grosbois, International Speaker

Unleash your hidden influence!

Visit our On-line Academy and master

the influence game

how to become an authority in your field

how to become a bestselling author

Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker and #1 International Bestselling author who specializes in the topics of mass influence and creating word of mouth pandemics.
Most people struggle to build influential relationships and to understand what it takes to become influential themselves. Teresa’s down-to-earth keynotes, workshops and webinars teach the basic principles and mistakes to avoid for networking with the highly influential and growing your personal brand and influence. Teresa also teaches speakers and writers how to become bestselling authors.

Wildfire Academy is our on-line training centre where you can learn to develop the habits of the highly influential. The challenge for most people is that the habits you first learned in business networking may actually be working against you becoming influential. With high influence, the rule book changes.
Teresa walks you through practical weekly exercises that grow your influence and teach you the mistakes to avoid. You can also learn the step-by-step process for becoming a bestselling author and creating a word of mouth epidemic around your book.

The Evolutionary Business Council is an invitation-only community of thought-leaders and emerging though-leaders dedicated to teaching the principles of personal transformation and success.
If you’re in the business of pushing out new ideas and new thinking, you are delving into thought-leadership. The challenge for most emerging thought-leaders is creating the influential relationships you need to help you get your message and brand out there. The EBC works to assist you and connect you with like-minded thought-leaders to grow your influence and reach.

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